Vegan Baklava

Vegan Baklava & Confectionery

Pure delight and plant powered joy with Sweetland’s Vegan delights!
Vegan treats crafted with love and compassion.
Each bite is a celebration of kindness and sweetness

At Sweetland, we believe in indulgence that extends kindness to the planet. Our plant-based delights not only offer the same great taste you love but also bring a host of benefits. Goodness and indulgence with our Vegan Treats. 

Our Baklava is made with a generous amount of nuts, providing a rich source of Vegan protein.

Savour the joy of delightful confections that prove you don’t have to compromise on taste to be kind to your taste buds and the planet. 🌱


Vegan Gifts For Him and Her

Sweetland has your Vegan gifting needs all wrapped up—literally.
Our Vegan Gifts are not just delicious, but they’re also kinder, sweeter, and guaranteed to be loved by your Vegan friends.

Share the joy of plant-based indulgence with Sweetland’s thoughtfully crafted plant-powered treats. 🌱


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