Who are Sweetland London?

Sweetland London was established in 1997. Over two decades of experience has ensured that our traditional Lebanese sweets and Baklava are produced with only the best, premium ingredients available. We have set the standard high in the art of traditional Lebanese sweet making and it has become our passion and our mission to maintain the same level of perfection in every bite; intricate flavours, that are fragrant, flaky and delicious, leaving the tastebuds wanting more and more.

At Sweetland London, we pride ourselves on giving each customer the opportunity to explore our wonderful range of the finest Baklava, Maamoul, Pastries and Confectionery.

We are a family business that has grown through generations and thus it is our mission to uphold Levantine and Mediterranean traditions and methods when producing our outstanding homemade pastry sweets.

Our products include and impressive array of delicious baked delights including popular Baklava, which are freshly produced every day from our traditional, state-of-the-art West London pastry kitchen. Our premises has been recently overhauled and redesigned to cater specifically for our very unique and traditional homemade Lebanese sweets

Industry Leading With a Worldwide Reach

We pay great attention to quality and the sourcing of our ingredients and maintaining the traditional methods of Lebanese sweet and Baklava making which include homemade secrets passed down through generations. At Sweetland London, it’s all about tradition, flavors, quality ingredients and our ability to create the perfect products every time.

As a leading bakery, Sweetland London is renowned as one of the best producers of traditional Lebanese sweets and Baklava, not just in London but throughout the UK and now internationally, our traditional sweets are loved, adored and enjoyed by a very diverse audience.

It’s The Way We Deliver Quality

We place high importance in making sure that we can cater to all people and that our great-tasting traditional Lebanese sweets and Baklava are suitable for everyone. So that all can experience the delightful traditional flavours of the Mediterranean and Middle East through our homemade recipes. To achieve this, we have been pushing boundaries and exploring new opportunities to create products that can be enjoyed by a wider market. We have recently launched two new ranges of traditional Lebanese Baklava; a lighter tasting, sugar-free range, and a vegan range. These new offerings have proved to be extremely popular both with new customers but also with our existing customers. This success has given us great inspiration to keep looking forward and ensure we are laying the way in our industry so that more and more of the world can eventually experience traditional Lebanese sweets and Baklava the way we were brought up to enjoy it back home.



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