The Secret Behind our Spectacular Chocolate Baklava

Our kitchen never stops producing delicious sweets, but one of our most remarkable treats is our revolutionary Chocolate Baklava, always leaving a pleasant smile on the faces of those who try it. It was an undeniable favourite amongst our visitors at a recent trade show where we exhibited, making our stand one of the most popular certainly amongst our competitors within the baklava space, but also amongst sweets and deserts as a general category. The star of the show was definitely the assortment of Chocolate baklava displayed in pyramids which we were generously handing out for tasting to visitors and passers by. 


But you might ask, why are we shouting so much about this product, it’s just chocolate baklava after all?  Well, it’s not. In fact, it’s very different to any other variations of chocolate baklava that you might find on the market. Simply put, the difference lies within the method. 


We want to share our small secret with you to reveal why our handmade chocolate baklava is different from every other existing recipe and uncover why it has quickly become one of the most popular sweets from Sweetland London.


Our Chocolate Baklava is sweet, crispy, undeniably rich and brings an explosion of chocolate flavour to the palate. Keep reading to find out what makes it stand out.

What makes our Chocolate Baklava different?

As much as we may hear the phrase “A good magician (or pastry chef in our case) should never reveal their secrets”, we have decided to explain exactly what makes our chocolate baklava stand out from the rest. 

“Our Chocolate Baklava infuses real chocolate into the filo pastry giving it that unique extra chocolatey rich taste.”

Where your regular chocolate baklava would traditionally be dipped or enrobed in chocolate to have a chocolate casing or outer layer, ours contains rich chocolate goodness running throughout and within every sheet of filo pastry.

The Chocolate Baklava Selection, what is included?

At Sweetland London our chocolate baklava comes in an array of shapes and variations. We hand-prepare all the below types:

  • Chocolate Square Baklava with either pistachio or cashew filling.
  • Chocolate Finger Baklava with cashew filling 
  • Chocolate Boukaj Baklava with either pistachio or cashew filling
  • Chocolate Coleschwor Baklava with pistachio or cashew filling

Our Chocolate Cashew Baklava is a very firm favourite amongst our customer base and a clear front runner when considering feedback from our team and peers. That is why we have made this fantastic product available as a single item, click here for more information. We encourage you to try all of the chocolate baklava in our Chocolate Baklava Selection and let us know which is your favourite. 

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