The perfect gift for Easter or Ramadan – A baklava gift box

We might be slightly biased here at Sweetland, but we know there’s no warmer feeling than receiving a baklava gift box for the holidays. Picture it, at your doorstep on Easter Sunday morning. Or in the evening, to break an arduous fast. Imagine opening that freshly baked batch of baklava and popping that bite of toasty sweetness in your mouth, letting the butter melt on your tongue. The childhood memories pouring in at the hint of pistachio, pastry, and syrup.

Now, why not share that unique experience with a family member or loved one? After all, it’s a time of year to bring us all closer. It’s a time for gifts, to reach out and show those around us that we care. 2022 has blessed us with both Ramadan and Easter to celebrate in tandem. There are no greater gifts for Ramadan than baklava. Or Easter for that matter.

Here at Sweetland London, we have a wide selection of baklava gift boxes. We cater to all tastes, and that includes a vegan selection. Nobody’s forgetting these holidays!

But wait, What are baklava?

To put it simply, baklava is a layered pastry filled with nuts, butter and bathed in sweet syrup. The specific recipes can vary significantly, depending on the country or region of origin.

We specialise in and are very proud of our Lebanese recipes. Traditionally in Lebanon, and a lot of the Mediterranean, baklava are made with layers of fine phyllo dough sheets. These are then filled with different types of nuts.

Pastry chefs follow the preparation with a bath of sweet syrup and lathering them in ghee. Making for a marvellous lip-smacking and finger-licking snack.

Our premium baklava selection, for example, makes ample use of pistachios. The vibrant greens contrast beautifully with the golden pastry, complementing its delicate flavour perfectly.

In case you are not familiar with these delectable desserts here is a quick history lesson:

  • The baklava can be traced as far back as the 8th century BC with the Assyrians.
  • They began experimenting with layered pastries, lathered in honeyed syrups and baked in firewood ovens.
  • Yet, baklava are more commonly known as a traditional Mediterranean and middle-eastern dessert.
  • This is due to the recipes being later spread by the Ottoman Empire.

This long history and wide cultural berth explain the differences in recipes.

A selection of beautiful Baklava from Sweetland London

Family, food, and tradition

Both Easter and Ramadan are holidays where food plays a very important role. It symbolises coming together and paying respects to long-held traditions. Passed down generation to generation. Celebrated by sharing a generous spread of food with the family.

In these long-standing customs, and at any family’s table, we can find a crisp batch of baklava. They go hand in hand.


Ramadan is one of the holy months in the Islamic calendar. It holds many celebrations of culture, history and faith. Many of these lively festivities are had during family gatherings. And they are closely connected to the Islamic religion.

Most well known among the cultural celebrations of Ramadan is the act of fasting. Muslims all over the world fast every day throughout Ramadan. They won’t eat or even drink water. That is until it is time to break the fast at sundown.

The breaking of the fast is called Iftar. Traditionally it’s begun by consuming a single date and then followed by a communal dinner. Most Muslims celebrate this among their families.

The belief is widely held that Muhammad broke his fasting period with a date. Hence why many still hold that tradition to this day.

Bearing witness to a family’s dinner table during the Iftar is enough to drop anyone’s jaw. It entails a vast spread of varied and delicious foods. In Morocco, for example, it is typical to have harira soup. A delicious cinnamon, ginger, cayenne and turmeric spiced lentil and lamb soup. This would be among plenty of other sweets and foods.

Like chebbakia, baghrir (Moroccan crepes), meloui and so on. Plenty of other confectionaries might accompany such dishes in other Mediterranean countries too. For example, a selection of baklava or Turkish delight.


What about Easter traditions then? In most Mediterranean countries there is the Great Thursday when eggs are dyed. In Greece, they are usually dyed red to represent the blood of Christ.

Whereas Spain is well known for its religious Easter processions. They bring in tourists from all over the world.

Following more celebrations throughout the week is Easter Sunday.

The most joyful of all days, when children crack the dyed eggs. And most importantly, when families gather for their Easter Sunday meal. Here is where one would most definitely see a baklava gift box. Especially in countries such as Greece, Lebanon and even in some parts of the south of Spain.

For those who celebrate Easter in Lebanon, it is quite typical to share a meal on Easter Sunday with close relatives, extended families and friends. They are brought over for a feast.

Such a feast features lots of meat-based dishes to break lent: chicken and rice, turkey or lamb stuffed greens, lamb chops. For dessert, there might be some syrup sweets, a tray of baklava and maamoul.

The list for such a feast could go on for aeons. But we will spare you because you are here to find the perfect gift.

Whether it be for Ramadan or Easter, we have the ideal suggestion for you.

We recommend a traditional gift box of Lebanese baklava

Why? Because they are so good they transcend cultures and borders. Your family will love them. They are the perfect start to a wonderful snack or dessert to compliment the end of any family meal.

So why not celebrate this year’s holidays with a warm gesture? Show your family how much you care with a wonderful gift for Easter. Or a wonderful gift for Ramadan. Show them how much they mean to you with a scrumptious baklava gift box. Have a look at our varied and appetising selection of baklava:

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