Sweetland London Cakes – Soon To Be Available For Pre-order Online

Chocolate Cake

Did you know that Sweetland London makes some of the best cakes and cake slices in the country? We are not just a Baklava producer, you know.

Our cakes are renowned for their excellence and we have an amazing range of cake slices, including a number of cult classics such as our magnificent Chocolate cake, our layered Strawberry cake, our luxurious Red Velvet cake and our rich and enchanting Black Forrest gateaux. As well these we also make some very unique, popular and refreshing flavours to titillate your taste buds and they are just as popular in modern cake kitchens. These include our greatly refreshing Mango and Passionfruit cake, our deluxe Chocolate Hazelnut cake and our comforting Biscoff cake.

Mango Passion Fruit Cake

As well as our more traditional layered gateaux, we also produce a variety of spectacular cheesecakes. These include our unique and exclusive Kunafa Cheesecake which brings through the flavours of our middle eastern heritage and combines them with the contemporary appeal of the modern cheesecake, truly a marriage made in heaven. Hold us to this, until you’ve tasted it! We would welcome your comments below this post on this bold statement.  

At Sweetland London, our cake team is yet another instrument and huge contributor to our recent growth and success. For that we are very proud of their constant innovations in to different seasonal and revolutionary cake recipes. This particular department is always working on something new, eager to present ideas to the product managers, and that is why this area of our business is so exciting. Cakes are something we can honestly stand by and say, we do better than the rest.

Pistachio Cake

All our cakes are available as full-size cakes and as individual cake slices and will soon be available to Pre-order online, for collection at one of our stores, so watch this space!

If you are a business owner or are employed in a position where our cakes and slices might be of interest at trade/wholesale capacity then please send your enquiry here and one of our sales team will come back to you in due course. 

Strawberry Cake
Coconut Cake

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4 thoughts on “Sweetland London Cakes – Soon To Be Available For Pre-order Online”

    1. Hi Shereen,
      Thank you for your feedback, we are very grateful for your kind words.
      Our cake chefs are always developing new recipes, so keep your eyes peeled, a gluten free cake could be just around the corner.

    1. Hi CK,
      This is something that our product teams have been looking in to, so watch this space. You may be pleasantly surprised very soon.

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