What is your favourite type of Baklava?

We have talked a little about our baklava selections and how we make baklava in fairly general terms. But today we wanted to go into a little more detail about the different types of baklava you can find in our baklava selections. Our delectable sweets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We make them with the utmost care and attention to detail in our UK pastry kitchen, located in Park Royal, London. Our recipes follow traditional methods and we use ingredients typical of Levantine tradition. We use only natural ingredients, putting these methods and luxury at the forefront of our products.

Now another reason we are delving into the various types of baklava is to help you pick your favourite. Since we don’t only offer baklava selections. We also offer single types of baklava boxes in various sizes. So, if you have a favourite type of baklava or are wanting to discover it, you’ll be able to munch on these delicious bites to your heart’s content.

The classics: Square baklava and their variations

All our baklava have one thing in common, Such as the thin layers of filo pastry and syrup as well as the high standards of quality which are associated with all Sweetland London products. However, they differ in the types of filling we use for them, and the way we construct the shapes using filo pastry. The difference in the filling can be easily identified by the type of nuts used. So let’s jump right in and take a slightly deeper look at the various types of baklava. 

Below we have a number of baklava that are similar in style, but are made using a different filling.

Almond baklava: They can come in a few shapes, but our almond baklava come in the classic square shape. Layered in fine filo pastry. They are, of course, filled with almonds and topped with delicious syrup.

Other square baklava variations: The classic baklava shape can come filled with walnut or premium pistachio. The regular/vegan pistachio baklava is cut into neat diamonds

Chocolate cashew baklava: Speaking of square baklava, we also offer a chocolate baklava selection. Within this selection you will also find the Chocolate cashew baklava and the chocolate pistachio baklava which are also cut into squares. All chocolate baklava at Sweetland London are made using layers of filo pastry with either a cashew or pistachio filling, and are topped with syrup the chocolate cashew baklava is finished with a hazelnut chocolate drizzle.

Balouria, Bourma and Bird’s Nest baklava

Each of these forms of baklava differ that little bit more by filling, structure and the method used to make them.

Balouria baklava: Balouria baklava are significantly different from the typical square, layered baklava. We make them with two layers of shredded Kataifi pastry. Which contain generous filling of the highest quality Iranian pistachios. Following preparation, they are baked lightly and finished off with syrup. They have a wonderful texture and look like tiny pistachio sandwiches.

Bourma baklava: Bourma baklava are shaped into a cylinder and are sliced in a diagonally, giving them their neat signature form. Crushed Cashew nuts are rolled in shredded pastry and twisted into a tube. They are then deep-fried and dipped in syrup. Before being left to drain excess syrup and cool before finally being cut in to portions.
○ Our Bourma also come with pistachio filling like some of the other baklava in our selection.

Bird’s nest baklava: This is a very popular and luxurious baklava. Aesthetically it is beautiful shaped as a cute bird’s nest with whole
pistachios in the center to depict eggs. Bird's nest baklava is made by delicately hand-shaping shredded pastry into the form of a hollow nest, giving them their signature form. Once shaped, we fill the baklava with whole pistachios adding that luxurious and premium touch before baking them with Ghee. Finally, once cooked they are finished with syrup and rosewater.

Finger and Kataifi Baklava

These last two types of baklava might be at the end of our list, but they are far from the least popular. They have a delicate flavour and crunchy yet creamy texture.

Finger baklava: Finger baklava come in the shape of small finger-sized cylinders. The filling, in most cases a cashew nut filling, is rolled in layers of filo pastry using a thin metal pin. Finally, they are cut into finger-sized portions before being baked and once cooked are topped with syrup.

○ Finger baklava also come with a pistachio filing and are included in our premium baklava selection. it is also available as a single type of baklava

Kataifi baklava: Our Kataifi baklava is made using a delightful walnut filling. It is constructed by rolling the filling in shredded pastry portions before being baked and finished with sweet syrup and a touch of rose water.

If you hadn’t come across a favourite type of baklava before, we hope this article has helped you find one. Or perhaps you are a lover of all sorts of baklava. In that case, we suggest you have a look at our varied assortment of baklava selections.

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